March 13, 1995 - April 2, 1998 at WAAF in Worcester/Boston
June 26, 1998 - August 16, 2002 at WNEW in NYC
October 4, 2004 - Present at Sirius/XM in the US and Canada

News Box

Some WAAF "VHS" recordings are now ONLINE

WAAF tape recordings are going up here.

A bunch of bits are online here, here, and here.

Who are Opie and Anthony? - Bio of the boys from the old Foundry site

WAAF OA Audio Archive and Bit Trading - This is the heart of the page. Lots of material from the show is online now. (Not everything is back online yet, but there's plenty to sample)

WBAB Audio Archive - The first Opie and Anthony show ever!

WNEW Audio Archive - Some of the early material from the WNEW days. (Partially back online)

O&A Shopping Center - Purchase CDs and other goods related to the boys

O&A FTP 3 - Offline, No host for this yet.

Underground Web Site - Has WNEW stuff. Page done by Ack Ack himself 
    (OFFLINE. Will mirror what I can of this classic site in the future)

'Classic' Photo Gallery - Scans of the WAAF CDs, pics from the AAF site, and pics from the Emerald Square Mall "Record Town" signing

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