2011-03-19 - Changing hosts again. Everything should be online now that was there before this move. If it's not, let me know.

2010-04-08 - The site has changed hosts, so please report problems if you encounter them. The player has been updated so that it doesn't stop before the end of longer/larger clips anymore (as long as you're on something faster than dial-up). Thanks to Chris Y. for reporting this problem so it could be fixed.

2010-03-25 - A higher-quality version of VHS Tape #47 has been put online on MediaFire and is linked from the WAAF audio page. Hoping to make more tapes available on there in the near future.

2006-03-26 - Finally, I've posted some new audio. It's even more disorganized than the cassette recordings posted before because this audio is from VHS tapes. The VHS tapes contain audio from several cassettes (I had to consolidate somehow and using a computer wasn't really an option back then). Anyways, I've done by best to label them and figure out the air dates. There's nearly 3 hours of material, so hopefully this will be a welcome treat during O&A's week off.

2006-01-14 - Not dead yet, should have one or more "VHS files" up in about a week. These basically amount to multiple "tape files" in one since they're actually just cassette audio that was transferred to VHS tapes. The quality of the VHS recordings may not be as good as the cassette recordings since the Hi-Fi track is too degraded on most of the VHS tapes to use, but I've at least cleaned up most of the hissing on the linear (lo-fi) audio track from each VHS tape.

There will also be some video from Real Rock TV eventually. It's mentioned often on the show, and I have just about every episode that O&A were on in one form or another.

2005-05-05 - A ZIP file with the entire Bill series of calls is now available for download. The quality is quite a bit higher than the versions playable from the WAAF page, so download now if you want it.

2005-04-05 - New tape file up on the WAAF page (163B). Get, now, good.

2005-03-27 - Two tape files have been added to the WAAF page (161A and 163A). Get 'em.

2005-03-22 - Another tape audio file (161B) has been added to the WAAF page. Go get it.

2005-03-20 - Due to the current low level of traffic on this site, the audio from my WAAF tapes will be available for direct download from the WAAF audio page. This audio will also be available from OpieAnt on the O&A Virus Spreader from time to time.

In related news, the first tape audio file has been posted on the WAAF page. Go there, download it, and enjoy.

2005-03-16 - Today's updates are listed below. Yellow items are new and online, White items are just online again

WAAF Page:

Red Peters - Blow Me
Ant's Porn Scene
Jimmy (J.J.) Walker Prank calls
Vipon talk with Anthony
Chuck Farnum's Mr. Potato Head story
Bob Ross Call-in and Painting with Bob
Anita Cockman
'Clee Motors' Commercial
'Dicken's Cider' Commercial
Guy Suing for Skiing with Kennedys
2 Chinese Restaurants: Same name at the same time
Arty Milo: Water Main
Bitchbang Call
David calling for Megan
'Gobble, Gobble, Gobble' lady wants a turkey

2005-03-15 - Today's updates are listed below:

- The April 1st, 1998 show has been returned to the WAAF page 
- A few other bits were added/updated on the WAAF page
- The 'Shopping Center' is up (just a few links for now)
- Part of the old Photo Gallery is back online now
- The WBAB audio is back online

2005-03-14 - Making a few additions and updates today. Enjoy!

    New Additions:
- The 'David' series of calls has been added to the WAAF audio page. 
- Anthony's 'Pervert in a Wig' (cover of 'Candle in the Wind' by Elton John) is now on the WAAF page
- Two early bits from WNEW ('Bob Hope' and 'Complaint Call Run-around') are on the WNEW page

    Updates (Old material that's back online)
- One early bit from WNEW ('Carol Miller Run-around') is on the WNEW page
- Four other bits are back online on the WAAF page

Also, 'About OPIEANT.COM: A Brief History' has been placed online.

2005-03-13 - A working version of the OPIEANT.COM audio player is now online. The "Bill" series of calls is playable on it now, which is seven clips altogether. More to come...

2005-03-10 - For the four or five people that noticed this page came back online, welcome and enjoy yourselves. I've been working on creating an audio player for this page that will eliminate the need for any external programs. This will mean no more RealAudio files, which should make Opie happy since it definitely is NOT 1999 anymore. Anyhow, I expect to have the player up and working with the Bill and Buttplug calls currently up in RealAudio by the middle of next week. More material will follow soon.

2005-02-15 - It's back baby! Slowly getting the original material back online, but the underlying structure of this page needs to change a bit first. For now, check out the WAAF Audio page and listen to the two prank call series currently back online: the Bill series and the Buttplug series.

Article: Like WOW, No Not a Bit

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