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Tape/VHS Downloads (32kbps)    
Tape 161, Side A

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R 6:05
Tape 161, Side B

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R 26:30
Tape 162, Side A

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R 10:15
Tape 163, Side A

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R 44:54
Tape 163, Side B

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R 47:08
VHS 47 - Split into 4 files

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N 2:51:14
VHS Downloads (80kbps)    
VHS #47

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N 2:51:14
Full Shows (Downloads)    
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Full Shows (Streaming)    
April 1st, 1998: Entire show
Marv Albert Song N 3:40
Marv Albert / Da, Da, Da (Ma Ma Marv)   1:15
Red Peters - Blow Me   1:54
General Bits
Milly 2:35
Harry Beaver Library Books F 2:35
Wacky Iraqi Guy 4:57
Jenn calls in on '100 Grand' Day 2:03
Bill's Dead F 1:46
Ant's Porn Scene 1:34
Jimmy (J.J.) Walker Prank calls F 5:04
Vipon talk with Anthony 5:13
Chuck Farnum's Mr. Potato Head story   4:58
Bob Ross Call-in and Painting with Bob 1:43
Anita Cockman 3:16
'Clee Motors' Commercial 1:42
'Dicken's Cider' Commercial 2:17
Guy Suing for Skiing with Kennedys   2:32
2 Chinese Restaurants: Same name at the same time 1:25
Arty Milo: Water Main   3:32
Bitchbang Call 2:32
David calling for Megan 2:42
'Gobble, Gobble, Gobble' lady wants a turkey   1:41
Telemarketer Calls    
Telemarketer: Roofing   1:27
Telemarketer: Stocks 1:10
Telemarketer: Accidental Death Insurance 2:48
Telemarketer: Bank Survey 3:41
'David' Calls    
David Call 1: David's Grandmother to an Unknown Woman N 2:34
David Call 2: David to the Unknown Woman 0:38
David Call 3: David's Grandmother to the Woman (Again) 2:17
David Call 4: Conference call with David, Grandma, and the Woman 4:24
'Bill' Calls
Bill Call 1: Alzheimer's Association U 4:40
Bill Call 2: Stuck in the Trunk of his Car 5:08
Bill Call 3: Shopping for Ginkgo 2:33
Bill Call 4: Shopping for a Little Rascal 3:55
Bill Call 5: Shopping for a Penis Pump 3:11
Bill Call 6: Trying to Order a Hearing Aid 2:39
Bill Call 7: Overdoses on Viagra 3:07
Buttplug Series
Buttplug Call   1:55
Buttplug Series: O&A Go Back and Forth 0:35
Buttplug Series: Cockrings 1:40
Buttplug Series: Fellatio 1:19
Buttplug Series: Ejaculate 0:45
Buttplug Series: Scrotum (RealAudio only) 1:07


General Bits
Ozone and "They call my name's Bill"   0:33
Hillman finally Talks about O & A situation 7:26
Fag Talk Episode 1 1:16
Complaint Call for Opie and Anthony Creatures 1:40
Eddie O' Brien Complaint call 1:02
Stuff My Ass Call 1 0:46
Call to Governor's Office 1:34
Kippy Love's Friday Fake-O 2:05
Space Program - Search for Pussy 3:02
So You're Going to the Moon 2:37
Disastrous Musicals 2:08
Weiner Sticks 3:37
Elvis Dying on the Potty 2:23
Bill Cosby Stand-up bit 1:27
Burns and Butthead pre-episode 0:40
Burns and Butthead 1:38
Guy Suing for Football Game   2:35
The Queef Machine   1:58
Funeral Home: Brother is there   1:02
Mike of the Kennedys 0:38
Rotgut - Brady Blunts 1:03
Rotgut - Frank Sinatra Song  2:05
Rotgut - Roger Clemens Song  2:00
Rotgut - Cuban Song F 1:41
Rotgut - Marcia Brady song (FULL VERSION)   3:03
Red Peters live on O&A   2:38
Da Da Da (Remix) F 1:52
the Pot Song 2:08
Mary Poppins Pot Song 1:33
So Gay: Aerosmith Parody By Max   2:20
3 Inch Tool parody song (Bob Rivers)   1:01
A WOW theme song   1:57
Serial Killer Song By: Doug Yoel   2:31
Emphysema, Tourette's, Evil Barney and Telemarketer
Telemarketer Call: Repeating the Script 1:26
Evil Barney's Practical Jokes   1:33
Evil Barney as the Red Sox Mascot 2:14
Evil Barney's Health Remedies 0:58
Evil Barney as the Olympic Gymnastics coach 0:39
Evil Barney's Strip Club 0:41
Evil Barney and the Kiss 1:05
Evil Barney on Halloween 2:39
Evil Barney as the School Bus Driver 2:17
Evil Barney on Valentine's Day 1:18
Evil Barney at the Slaughter House 1:11
Evil Barney visits Michael Jackson 1:44
Evil Barney on Masturbation 0:42
Evil Barney on Porno 1:18
Evil Barney's Sledding Tips 1:10
Tourette's Syndrome Call to Whore House 2:58
Emphysema Man Calls Marlboro 3:17
Emphysema Man trying to take a Flight 3:21
Green Bay calls
Green Bay: Pubic Hair Cut   2:42
Green Bay: Funeral Home   3:14
Green Bay: Bar and Mary K.   2:36
Green Bay: Alan Kean   2:36
Green Bay: McDonalds   3:01
Green Bay: Pizza   3:52
Opie and His Green Poop to Chinese Restaurant 3:42
Opie calls Psychic Hotline  2:50
Opie's O.J. Simpson News  2:02 
Opie's Very First Time Poem 1:13
Opie Curses on the air F 0:59
Opie Curses again on the air F 0:11
Opie's Getting Prosthetic Legs 0:54
No Santa Call   4:55
Make a Wish F 2:04
Nude Target Audio F 7:34
Ron Crap 2:06
Fake Car Crash 1:29
Jenn's Espresso Machine 4:07
Curse Man on New Years Drunk Drivers 1:44
Post Sing and Snore Ernie sales (Call 1) 1:30
Disney Store in Harlem, New York 1:33
Kippy Love: Carpet Installer 5:14
More Star Wars Antics 0:50
Curseman on snow and Shoveling   1:22
Curseman on WOW   1:05
Curseman on the Ted Williams Tunnel   1:31
Curseman on the Nanny   1:21
Curseman on Valentine's Day   1:19
Curseman on New Years Drunk Drivers   1:44
Curseman's Puking Terms   0:51
Curseman on the Rainy Weather   1:13
New Lunch Menu Man 1:38
Old Lunch Menu Man 1:40
Classifieds: Buying a Bed 2:53
Chinese Restaurant - Selling Cats for New Years 2:59
America's Funniest Testicular Injuries 1:31
Pearl Jam Fake Concert Line Info 0:58
Minority Jeopardy: Episode 1 F 3:05
Minority Jeopardy: Episode 2 F 1:59
Darth Vulgar  1:20
100 Grand Winner  1:22
Oh Geez / Accordion Man_Call 1 (1:54) - (1:54) - Call 2 3:32
All audio is on my personally purchased web space and
was recorded and encoded by me unless otherwise noted.

MASSIVE LIST of O&A Material that can be made available on this site

Also, Opie and Anthony's (Old) Official Audio Page from WAAF.COM has been RESTORED. (Sounds are still offline though)

Opie and Anthony Bit Trading

I'm looking for OLD material from the WAAF days. This is basically March-November 1995 since my tapes from the summer of '95 were lost and I wasn't recording the show every day yet. Most specifically, I'm looking for the "Gay Square Dancing" bit since I never heard it, they were forbidden from airing it (again), and Opie doesn't have a copy of it.

If you have anything you think I might be missing from this time period,

Do you need something you don't see on this site? I have virtually everything from December 26, 1995 through April 2, 1998 (when the show at WAAF ended). I should be able to put more bits online in most cases, or send them out individually via e-mail, but each one will take time. Be sure to check out this list of most of what I have on tape from the show. I have more than this, but not everything is labeled. When it has been labeled, it will be added to the list.

Please note that items requested by more than one person will probably appear on the list above more quickly than others. 

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