Artist(s) Opie & Anthony
Station WAAF
Length 26:30


Tape 161 Side B

Detailed Information:

Tape # 161 Side: B
Time Date Break
0:00 12/6/1995 1 Opie mentions that the RHCP show for the following night has been resheduled for 1996-02-08
0:35 A 'cockrings' prank call is played (man needs them for farm animals)
2:10 2 Traffic report by Anthony, sponsored by Pichi (sp?)
3:02 Opie yaps about the new and trying to deal with e-mail from fans. Anthony is excited that he has his own e-mail address now.
3:40 O&A's official list of names for camel-toe, read by Anthony impersonating Butthead
5:14 3 While mentioning that Pam Anderson will be posing for Playboy while 6 months pregnant, Opie's fetish for pregnant women is revealed.
7:25 Rotgut - Granny Christmas Song
9:32 Pregnant girl calls in, offers to pose naked for Opie in the studio. Pregnant Olympics/Miss Pregnant America contest is then proposed.
11:29 4 Male caller defends Opie, enjoys sex with pregnant women. Opie considers getting the pregnant girls that come in on Rage TV.
13:05 GYAOTC&GDSR - Phish (Concert), Grinning Lizard (Concert), Casino (Movie), White Man's Burden (Movie), The Crossing Guard (Movie), Bruins vs. Dallas Stars (Sports)
14:32 5 Female caller upset with Anthony saying having sex with a pregnant woman is like "mounting a tortoise"
16:10 6 Opie promotes a WAAF contest to win a trip to Superbowl 30.
17:21 The pregnant women discussion continues, with Anthony becoming "pregnant-curious".
17:57 Female caller who is over 5 months pregnant volunteers to come in (and she had previous squirted breast milk at Anthony).
20:10 x Start of a commercial done by Opie
20:14 10/10/1995 1 Opie teases the first appearance of the black "curse man", or "curse bro"
20:26 Opie promotes the Infomaniac Hotline (617-252-4AAF)
20:47 2 Opie finds out that he can mail a banana just by putting stamps (and an address) on it
21:33 3 O&A interview the Goo Goo Dolls, promoting the album A Boy Named Goo, including discussions of what crazy people do at Niagra Falls
24:20 Goo Goo Dolls - Name (Acoustic, live on O&A) (Cut off, NOT the recording on 'Unusual Suspects')
The breaks for the 1995-12-06 show start in the middle of the show


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