Artist(s) Opie & Anthony
Station WAAF
Length 2:51:14 approx.


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Time Date Break
0:00 11/9/1996 1 Promoting RRTV of Halloween party. Boobs covered by the see-through WAAF logo
1:14 It's a Soundgarden Weekend!
2:06 2 Anthony impersonating adults on Charlie Brown
3:01 It's a Soundgarden Weekend (still)
3:17 Concert announcement coming up on Monday
3:40 3 The 'Opie and Joe' show (Anthony's brother Joe is visiting)
Joe tries out Anthony's wacky noise makers
5:12 4 Some babble about concerts (KISS, Black Crowes, and Monday's announcement)
6:24 5 More concert babble (Rush, Korn, STP, Local H…)
Teasing a song from Brother Joe
7:36 6 Caller 'Kim' wants to hear a bit from the previous night
8:12 Girl calls in to get tickets for the Korn concert, Opie makes her use a speaker as a vibrator
11:12 7 Anthony left the "silver bullet" buttplug on the table and the plumbers saw it
13:40 8 Some comments on David Lee Roth's return to Van Halen
14:07 Joe gets ready to play the Frank Sinatra song
15:24 Joe and Anthony - 'Frank Sinatra' song (Live)
17:30 9 Signing off for the day. More concert babble
19:21 11/12/1996 ? Concert comments; topic for the day is movie cliches
19:40 Opie has some prison movie cliches
20:30 Anthony has some helicopter movie cliches
21:04 Caller has a horror movie cliché
21:59 ?+1 Anthony has war movie cliches
22:56 Post-sex movie cliches (along with a caller)
24:06 ?+2 Opie has villain movie cliches
25:48 O&A have car chase and driving movie cliches
27:09 Introducing the Frank Sinatra song
27:26 Joe and Anthony - 'Frank Sinatra' song
29:32 ?+3 Anthony has Western movie cliches
30:44 Opie has a news-report movie cliché
31:07 Anthony has detective movie cliches
31:49 Caller has more car/driving movie cliches
32:20 Another caller has car/driving movie cliches
32:39 ?+4 GYAOTCAGDSR: The Who at the Centrum
34:43 ?+5 Opie gives the 3-Day Holiday Rage lineup and info
35:42 Opie has his new cannibal-ware necklace on. Anthony says "finger" a lot
Also received a copy of Pee Wee Herman's police report from Chuck
Some other creepy things Chuck has are mentioned
39:12 ?+6 Promoting that Expanding Man will be at the Bayside Expo on Thursday
39:50 Anthony has a cop team movie cliché
40:33 Hit-and-run in Nashua, NH. Guy caught because the filthy imprint from the runner's plate was left behind
Signing off
42:17 12/11/1996 ? Fans now recognize O&A from the Real Rock TV show
42:45 Promoting last night of the 3-day Holiday Rage, tonight
43:20 This morning, Anthony found garbage bags on the hood of his car
45:05 ?+1 Opie enjoys his Crank2o after a night of drinking
46:25 Teasing their call to order adult baby products
46:53 ?+2 Describing the adult baby fetish and catalog
48:18 Call to order Adult Baby products (replay)
51:33 ?+3 Christmas frenzy for Tickle-Me-Elmo, video from in a store TV. 50,000 a week coming out of China
54:22 ?+4 Promoting the 3-day Holiday Rage show again
55:19 About to play Rotgut's Granny Christmas song
55:28 12/12/1996 ? O&A brought the boob-art girl Hope and her girlfriend on-stage at last night's show
Promoting boob art on this week's RRTV
57:36 ?+1 Listing off Ticket Blitz Thursday prizes
58:20 Talking about Tickle-Me-Elmo again. Have ideas for how to trash an Elmo on RRTV
1:00:27 ?+2 Giving away a ski getaway prize
1:01:46 Describing the following bit:
1:02:08 Carpenter Bob has mall girls gargle peanut butter, sing Christmas carols, and say dirty things (replay)
1:04:09 ?+3 Want people to mess with drive-thru employees to win the next ski prize
1:04:58 Ian from RRTV on the phone, talking about Boob Art on the show
1:07:08 ?+4 Reminding listeners what they need to do to win the next ski prize
1:07:34 ?+5 Recalling last night's COC show. O&A are getting old, won't go moshing
1:09:41 Somebody should be "on the line" at a drive-thru
1:10:18 Caller must yell "Deck the hallls…" and get "Fa la la…" back in order to win
1:11:27 12/11/1996 ? Carpenter Bob and O&A have Nicole talk and sing with peanut butter in her mouth
1:13:39 GYAOTCAGDSR: Last night of the 3-day Holiday Rage (Handsome, Another Society, and COC)
1:15:27 12/12/1996? ? Free Stir concert coming up on Saturday, write your own ticket
1:16:08 O&A need a Tickle-Me-Elmo to destroy it on RRTV. Will torture-test one lucky Elmo
1:17:57 Carpenter Bob and O&A have Nicole talk and sing with peanut butter in her mouth (replay)


VHS # 47 File: 2 of 4
Time Date Break
0:00 ? Caller wants to hear Anthony's impression of Brando doing what the Godfather shouldn't
0:58 The bit requested above
1:36 12/11/1996 ?+1 Kid calls, mother is on the line, wants him to take out the trash
3:17 ?+2 Promoting last night of the 3-day Holiday Rage
4:55 Promoting boob art on this week's RRTV
Signing Off
5:40 C Commercial: Anthony promoting a Jenna Jameson appearance
6:45 11/??/1996 ? Arthur Gray is in-studio and is having O&A on his public access show
8:32 C Unusual Suspects CD commercial
9:37 ?+1 O&A excited about the Unusual Suspects CD, want to play some things from it
11:04 Tina Louise call
12:16 ?+2 Opie likes Cake (cut off abruptly)
12:26 ? Promoting upcoming concerts
12:47 Operations on The Learning Channel, Opie couldn't stand the breast reduction surgery
14:58 Call about the breast reduction show; guy's wife wants it done
17:26 12/12/1996 ?+1 Talking about Unusual Suspects; Give away another ski prize
18:03 Tickle-Me-Elmo search continues
18:44 Caller has a talking Elmo, thinks it says "fuck me"
21:25 ?+2 Talking more about the Boob Art girl and her girlfriend they had at the concert
23:59 More ideas about torturing Elmo
25:28 ?+3 Trying to figure out what happened to Dave
26:23 12/13/1996 1 Recovered from the concerts finally; Red Peters is coming in today; FU faxes coming in
Teasing a Christmas Card from Chuck Farnum
28:32 2 Talking about Chuck's "special" Christmas Card
31:28 C Opie promoting an event at The Rat
32:00 C Anthony doing a mall commercial, dude!


VHS # 47 File: 3 of 4
Time Date Break
0:00 12/13/1996 3 Talking about the Beavis and Butthead movie coming out soon
0:26 About to talk about Chuck's X-mas card
0:32 (Some recording problem)
0:33 Talking about Chuck's card
1:55 Call to Chuck about the card
5:17 4 Hispanic March in DC, demanding money and rights
6:10 Top 10 Things Men Shouldn't Say Out Loud in Victoria's Secret
7:10 5 Stir concert coming up on Saturday, write your own ticket
Start talking about skiing on Saturday
8:27 Red Peters is in the studio
10:36 Babe's Auto Villa commercial (Get the Fuck Out)
11:42 6 Talking to Red Peters
16:30 Red Peters' tribute to Frank Sinatra
17:43 More talking
18:08 Red Peters - Blow Me
20:04 Red tells O&A that a DJ has been fined $25,000 for playing that song
20:42 7 Opie tries to read some Spanish - Favorite Spanish Phrases
21:35 8 Talking to Red Peters
24:21 Red Peters - Holy Shit, It's Christmas
27:23 More talking
27:48 The hamsters show up
31:55 9 Coming up on RRTV: live Pearl Jam, Anthony impersonating Howard (including wig), smashing TVs near WABU, Orange 9mm, and Local H
33:25 "Where the hell is Rocko?"
33:54 10 Hamsters still there
Red says he'll be recording a new CD soon
Saying Roger Clemens is washed up. Oops…
37:08 Red Peters - How's Your Whole Family? (Live in studio, with hampsters)
39:37 More talking after the song
41:17 ??? ? (End of a tape that was recorded over) Kippy Love and Curse man coming up


VHS # 47 File: 4 of 4
Time Date Break
0:00 12/13/1996 11 Red still in-studio. Talking to him about Chuck's X-mas card
2:28 Anthony tells an amputee joke
Promoting Red Peters' CD and web site
Planning a Tourette's Syndrome Man Christmas song
5:19 10/15/1996 ? Sperm Bowl '96 coming up in 3 days
5:42 ?+1 Promoting Ticket Blitz Thursday
6:12 Sperm Bowl '96 officially happening on Friday
Opie wants Anthony to spot him some seed
7:58 What if one of us shoots blanks?
8:52 Will be filmed for RRTV
9:05 C Anthony doing a WAAF apparel commercial
9:31 ?+2 Opie demanding Anthony's sperm (again)
10:44 Replay of Kippy Love call - did well on football picks, 22-9 on the season. Lesbian nightmares. Madonna's baby
14:35 ?+3 Curseman - Madonna's baby,
15:59 ?+4 GYAOTCAGDSR - The Glimmer Man, The Long Kiss Goodnight, 4th season of NYPD Blue starting
Opie wants a Yankees-Braves World Series to see the Turners freak out
17:32 - "107.3 WAAF with Darlahood"
17:36 ?+5 Darlahood concert coming up soon.
Promoting the Infomaniac Hotline
18:30 Talking more about the Sperm Bowl. The loser has to do something wacky!
20:08 Some woman disgusted about the Sperm Bowl
22:19 ?+6 Talking about a call where Opie was very confusing, but the guy was too stupid to realize it
22:48 The call
24:56 ?+7 Another woman calls in about catching her boyfriend masturbating


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