Artist(s) Opie & Anthony
Station WAAF
Length 47:08


Tape 163 Side B

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Tape # 163 Side: B
Time Date Break
0:00 12/4/1997 1 Comments on Jay from Framingham's studio entrances
0:21 Show dedicated to Christopher Glover, who is in prison
- This is because some scary guy requested a Metallica song when they were
at the Royal Flush signing, he wanted it dedicated to his nephew Christopher,
the song and dedication never aired, but Opie had said it would.
- Pronounced that it is Christopher Glover day
- Opie makes some comments on Green Day on RRTV and the song Hitchin' a Ride
4:23 2 Opie talks about the 1997 3-Day Holiday Rage coming up
5:05 They talk about Crazy Jim's calculation of how much "batch" he's created during his entire life
- Anthony explains the math, and Jim's rounding down policy. Ends up as about 6.7 gallons of "batch"
- Jim wants to make sperm pins, like the bold blood donation pins, when you've produced a certain amount
7:50 Opie plays Anthony's 'Land of Misfit Adult Dolls' bit
8:50 Go back to talking about Jim and the unusual sex toys he's familiar with
9:31 Opie received an email saying some women are allergic to sperm
Anthony kicks into an old "professor Anthony"-type discussion of enzymes and how allergic females react to sperm.
Jay from Framingham suggests that you become a lesbian, and Anthony does his gym teacher impression
How do they determine if a girl is allergic when she goes to a sperm bank?
Jay makes a swollen tongue joke
11:28 3 Smelling the scent of a girl that was in the studio
11:55 Crazy Jim is in the studio now to talk about his equation for how much "batch" he's produced
- Jim tells a great story about how he learned to masturbate and his first time
- Jim elaborates on the sperm pins. Wants the number of gallons produced on the pin
16:13 Hey Masturbator (version from Demented World)
17:56 Jim talks about how awful it is to "keep going" on a guy after he gets off
19:47 4 Crazy Jim talks about misfiring in the shower, getting "batch" in hair, and how it won't come out
21:37 British nanny (who beat a child) wants to go home
Anthony talks about the people in British pubs who won't go home until Louise the nanny is home
They talk about how the general public has lost interest in the whole nanny story
Brief talk about a "shake the baby" doll that laughs when you shake it
23:46 GYAOTC&GDSR: Dirty Larry (Concert), Flubber (Movie) with Robin Williams impression by Anthony
24:53 5 Talking about the Holiday Rage again
25:02 Third night of the Holiday Rage (Creed and Cellophane) is sold out
25:31 Talking about Demented World having gone national, and O&A not being given credit by shows playing tracks from it
26:27 Caller heard 'Buttplug' on a station in South Carolina that gave O&A no credit
26:59 transition into a call from a Mancow listener
27:07 Caller heard the Rotgut 'Granny Christmas Song' on Mancow, no credit was given
Opie flips out a bit since Adam Sandler is being given credit for Hey Masturbator on the Internet
28:07 Anthony received an e-mail with a link to a Vancouver web site, and the lyrics to 'Hey Masturbator' are up as 'Macarena Blues'
Anthony talks about mistakes in the song lyrics online
Opie says Demented World has raised $17,000 for homeless veterans in the Boston area
29:33 Wrapping up: Christopher Glover show is officially over, everybody enjoyed the Crazy Jim stories
Guy called to warn them to not fire into their eye while in the shower
Getting it on your face when laying on your back is different. Going over your shoulder is a special occasion
Anthony makes some "first time" comments and why he thinks fathers don't tell their sons how
Jim tells the story about when his brother walked in on him
Anthony and Jim comment on hearing parents going at it and start doing impressions
35:33 12/5/1997 1 Talking about the 3-day Holiday Rage, first two nights not sold out yet
36:07 Anthony complains about when he was to wait for trains to go by in Ashland
36:57 Opie tells listeners about an article in the day's Boston Globe about O&A and Demented World entitled 'Comfortably Dumb'
Anthony discovers he is "swarthy", and Opie discovers he's a "'Tiger Beat' blond" from the article
Anthony tells us what "swarthy" means (as far as he knows), and doesn't seem to agree that it describes him
Anthony talks about what he'd have to do to become "swarthy"
Ozone comes in looking for the 'Tiger Beat' blond
42:40 2 Anthony reads definitions of "swarthy" that listeners faxed in.
Anthony decides he must be of African descent based on how swarthy he is, and he and Opie must hate one another now
Anthony pretends he needs to work at Jam'n 94.5 now
The article now suggests that Anthony is gay because he said Opie should be on the cover of Tiger Beat
47:03 3 Very quick call, caller gives their definition of "swarthy"

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