Artist(s) Opie & Anthony
Station WAAF
Length 44:54


Tape 163 Side A

Detailed Information:

Tape # 163 Side: A
Time Date Break
0:00 1/31/1998 Last Talking about 'Urkel' (Jaleel White) trying to not be Urkel
Talking about how the female fans of WAAF like Doug Green, another DJ
Making fun of radio station names and call letters (animals, foam, mountains, and more)
Mentioning that they will be going to the Turks and Caicos (first mention)
4:28 2/3/1998 1 Jeff from Canada comes in to talk about his board game Rumors
Jeff has brought in his girlfriend's unwashed lingerie
Opie plays with the sex toy Jeff brought on (a miniature couple that has sex)
Jeff describes how the game was invented
Jeff starts listing people they could discuss rumors about, and goes on a tangent about the Kennedys
Will let the listeners decide whether Jeff will be allowed to stay in the studio
12:51 2 More discussion of the game, including how it is supposed to work
16:07 Opie gives Jeff 60 seconds to describe the rules of the games more clearly than before
17:30 They take some calls, some listeners like Jeff and some really hate him
19:48 Following more yapping, Anthony reads a fax about Jeff
20:08 Jeff recites a Dr. Suess rhyme about Monica Lewinsky
21:15 Opie tries to make sure Jeff will wear the lingerie during the next break, otherwise he ahs to leave
Jeff's credibility is doubted more than ever
22:11 3 Jeff is still there, is wearing the lingerie, and is apparently very hairy
24:30 Jeff tries to interest them with a Pam and Tommy Lee rumor
Anthony continues making Wookie sounds and other Star Wars jokes follow
25:28 Jay from Framingham gives his opinion of Jeff
25:44 They take more calls from listeners about Jeff
27:00 Jeff tells people where they can buy and play Rumors
28:30 4 Anthony pretends to be another crazy game inventor who happens to be homeless
29:10 Anthony thinks Jeff just bought a copy of Rumors and pretend he invented to get on the radio
29:47 The discussion of how hairy Jeff was and that he had to wear the lingerie continues
30:38 Caller can qualify to go on the Turks and Caicos trip by getting an O&A trivia question right
O&A Trivia - Anthony reads three faxes by Chopsticks, then Opie asks who wrote those faxes
32:29 5 Jeff calls from the lobby, messed up as ever, and O&A continue to make fun of him
33:49 2/4/1998 1 Another execution (Karla Faye Tucker) has taken place in Texas, complimenting George W. Bush as Governor
- Opie says George W. should be the next president, going against his own beliefs
- Opie believes that the death penalty doesn't deter people from committing crimes
- Anthony reminds listeners that Karla killed people with a pickaxe while getting off
- The husband never got to have sex with his crazy wife
Will qualify another listener for the Turks and Caicos trip soon
38:53 2 Anthony reads two faxes supporting the execution
39:56 O&A talk about the upcoming T&C trip again
40:42 Opie plays a call from Tommy, an 11-year old drunk, who wants to go on the T&C trip
42:20 O&A Trivia - What was the consolation prize from the Publisher's Clearing House prank call?
43:01 3 Anthony repeats the trivia question.
Opie takes a caller who gets the question right (the answer is "steak knives")
44:16 Publisher's Clearing House (from Demented World) (incomplete, end cut off)

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