Artist(s) Opie & Anthony
Station WAAF
Length 10:15


Tape 162 Side A

Detailed Information:

Tape # 162 Side: A
Time Date Break
0:00 1 Opie, Anthony, and Ozone:
Opie tells his story about caddying for Dick and Anita Kuntz.
Caller needs a photo with people at WAAF so that he can stop listening to WBCN
3:31 2 Brief talk about Tool's song 'Stinkfist'
3:49 3 Opie's excited about the new live Nirvana CD ('From the Muddy Banks…').
Plays tidbits of 'Aneurysm', and reads the album's track listing.
5:37 9/10/1996 4 Opie, Anthony, and Rocko:
Caller wants Rocko to write a song about Anthony
Caller makes a Pantera request
Caller complains about whoever's in the studio
Opie comments on drinking too much Crank2O
Rocko wants a copy of 'Hey Masturbator'
Comments on furniture store doing 'Hey Liquidation' to the Macarena tune
Caller asks about Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson
Little kid calls up
Caller makes a fake request for Bon Jovi, then really requests Aerosmith. Anthony points out that it's Joe Perry's birthday.
Opie wants Stephen Tyler to come into WAAF and take a piss for a drug test

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