About OPIEANT.COM: A Brief History

Birth (1996)

Once upon a time, back when the Internet was a strange and confusing thing that only involved making suckers out of millions of investors, a web site was born at http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Alley/3887 (no longer online). 

It was 1996 at the time, and the site was one of millions of worthless "personal web pages" popping up on the net where, in theory, everybody in the world could read about and care what kind of music you listen to and where you go to school. 

In a short amount of time, the site became an Opie and Anthony fan site. I had been recording the show for over a year and figured fans would like to hear bits from the show they really liked or might have missed. After all, not everybody could afford to be as pathetic as me and take the time to record the show virtually anywhere I went in any way I could.


'Underground' Support (1997)

The site attracted some attention, and feedback was always positive. The real support came when Anthony started the Underground Website for the show since the official page on WAAF.COM didn't have the kind of web presence they wanted for the show (in other words, they couldn't post pics of naked girls in the studio on the AAF page). This page (still on Geocities at the time) was then linked to prominently from the Underground Website, and it became a goldmine for fans of the show.

Note: Mirrors of the Underground Website and the O&A section of the WAAF page are (or will be) mirrored on this site since they're no longer online 


You're Fired! (1998)

In early 1998, the site had 143 bits from their WAAF show up on the web page. 
Also, an
FTP full of downloadable material was online (including some not on the regular page) and a chat room was up for fans of the show. 

On April 1st, 1998 O&A pretended the mayor of Boston (Menino) had been killed in a car accident, obviously as an April Fools prank, but the major didn't care and basically ordered them to be fired. Their last show at WAAF aired on April 2nd. Upon request, I sent a copy of the April 1st show to Opie so that he could use it in their defense, but they were fired on April 8th before the tape could have been received and reviewed. The April 1st show was also placed on this site on April 8th so that anyone who missed it could hear why they were fired.

During May and June, Anthony posted news and pictures on the Underground Website about their move to radio in NYC. This included the time and date of their actual first broadcast at WNEW, which took place in the middle of the night. I don't know if a recording of that exists unfortunately. 

During the summer months, Opie began sending tapes of material from the show at WNEW to me to post on the site, which was excellent since I couldn't receive WNEW from Rhode Island for the life of me. One of the tapes was of the "first show" at WBAB, which I promptly put up on the site. Also, I began getting private feeds of the show from some very helpful folks in NYC and on Long Island.

In September, this site moved to OPIEANT.COM.


The Drought (1999)

As the year progressed, tapes stopped coming in, live feeds ceased, and the folks at Foundry were taking material from this site without giving credit for it. All ties to the show were lost as O&A teamed up with Steve at Foundry for their web hosting needs, and the syndication underground developed on other parts of the net. 
Needless to say, this wasn't good for the site and its future looked grim. 
I made some weak attempts to protect the content of this site from being copied, but the fact is that if you can hear it, you can record it, so I guess I was just inconveniencing the fans (although they never complained, which was awesome because it meant they understood what was going on).

Downtime (2000-2004)

This site remained online until about October of 2000 with virtually no updates of any kind since 1999. In October, our web host switched servers and lost the site. Since I had been uploading materially gradually over the years and didn't have everything backed up so that I could easily reconstruct the site, it was basically abandoned. Some attempts were made to get it back up and running, but they never even got as far as acquiring hosting.

Rebirth (2005)

With O&A on XM, I could finally hear (and record) the show on a daily basis again. Thanks to computers and the talk show format, I don't have to sit in front of a cassette recorder for 4 hours a day anymore trying to catch every break between songs and commercials.

With all of this good news, and having noticed that the amount of WAAF material from the boys online is sparse compared to the WNEW material (which is everywhere), I decided that I owe it to the hardcore fans to bring OPIEANT.COM back online.

In addition to all of the audio that used to be online, the new OPIEANT.COM will eventually include:


  • New bits that never made it to the site (streaming)
  • Complete (or nearly complete) shows (download)


  • Complete and partially complete shows (streaming and download)


  • Nothing extra yet, maybe some Nighttime Attitude recordings will come in